Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Sunday Update

Hi everyone, I haven't updated this blog much lately on account of there isn't any news for me to share with you all in regards to my health, plus I update my personal blog. Other than the good news of my life has returned to normal, and whatever in my brain has been shrinking, there isn't much for me to add. I have a math final tommorow, and this quarter is pretty much over and done with. Also been working around 4 days a week. Been saving up money for my big trip.

I thought you might all want to see the MRI's I had done, these are just two.

My first one ever taken, and the circled red area is actually the inflammation (what I shall refer to it as) its' really big that's why the doctors were so insistant that it was a tumor. This was taken in June of 2008.

This second picture is a different angle, and the circled area is the spot/what's left of the inflammation. It's pretty much smaller than a pea, which is great news. This picture was taken October 2008. A very big change in 5-6 months.

I just wanted to say thank yuo all again for everything, and for keeping me in your prayers. Also I cut off about 3-4 inches of my hair yesterday, so here's what I look like as of right now! Maybe I should upload a video of me doing a strenous exercise or something to show you guys my progress!