Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey all,

Some news for you, (finally an update) I had a cardiology appointment a week or two ago, and they said that basically I'm giong to have to stasy on my heart medication. I had a few episodes when I was in the hospital where my heart would beat up to 200 bpm. So anyway my heart still does a fast beat sometimes out of nowhere but not anywhere near as bad, almost like i went for a run and its beating, trying to slow down.

I had a followup appointment wtih the whole rehab team today, and basically i'm doing really good. my strength's come back, etc. They even told me that they hadn't ever seen such a big turnaround ever. So my appointment went well, and i'm basically cleared for driving/traveling. Even though I started driving again a few weeks ago aha!

I have a followup with Neurology in November and another MRI in November, and hopefully it shows another improvement! On another note, tommorow is my last day of Physical Therapy! :)

Thank you all for the continued prayers.


Ken said...

That is great! You keep up yhe work.
I look forward to the day when this becomes a regular blog and you are back to being you. I know we have never meet but I feel that I am a friend. I wish you the very best!.

Love, Netta said...

Hi Wennie! I visited your site before, and I thought their was an option to donate. I would like to donate if that is something you are still doing. What is the best way?

You are awesome.

jesica said...

hi wennie..hope your doing fine now..Just trust God and everything will be fine..
just dropping by.
take care and GOd bless

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Musiq Mayneack said...

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Anonymous said...

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mywoklife said...

best of luck ! I hope it goes well

Anonymous said...

Great news.Thx for posting this.

Don Carty

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Aida said...

I am happy for you!

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