Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey all,

Some news for you, (finally an update) I had a cardiology appointment a week or two ago, and they said that basically I'm giong to have to stasy on my heart medication. I had a few episodes when I was in the hospital where my heart would beat up to 200 bpm. So anyway my heart still does a fast beat sometimes out of nowhere but not anywhere near as bad, almost like i went for a run and its beating, trying to slow down.

I had a followup appointment wtih the whole rehab team today, and basically i'm doing really good. my strength's come back, etc. They even told me that they hadn't ever seen such a big turnaround ever. So my appointment went well, and i'm basically cleared for driving/traveling. Even though I started driving again a few weeks ago aha!

I have a followup with Neurology in November and another MRI in November, and hopefully it shows another improvement! On another note, tommorow is my last day of Physical Therapy! :)

Thank you all for the continued prayers.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

update, update, update

Sorry for the delay, it's hard to come up with things to say especially when your days consist of physical therapy, exercises, and hanging out. I thought it would be boring and repetitive to tell you all the same thing, over and over again. Anyways I've got a slew of doctors appointments coming up in the next few weeks, (probably something I mentioned before). Things are going well for me, I'm still trying to do my best. I find myself growing snappier at my family over little things, and I'm trying to stop that because it's uneccesary. And besides a happy wennie is a better wennie! :)

On to some intresting news! I finally got my new tattoo yesterday, I was stuck between two choices. The first was the word 'rescued' because I feel like everything that happened to me in a way saved my life. I mean it sounds stupid, but apart of me really feels as if this was supposed to happen. Almost like the life I was living before just wasn't good enough, and this thing that happeend to me, forced me to accept things that I didn't want to or could accept before, forced me to push harder, forced me to just be better, to live better. That's why I feel like this thing that happened inside of my brain rescued me, it rescued me from my own life. I don't care if people think it's stupid, or dumb because it's got meaning to me and that's all that matters. It's a reminder of what happened, and what I need and should strive towards. It's also on my right arm because 1) I've already got a tattoo on my left side and 2) its right under where they give me my IV's for my MRI's (just another reminder that I've still gotta keep pushing and giong).

I'll try to come up with more intresting things to tell you guys, therapy is going well and the strength is returning and almost equal at least in my legs. I think it's almost the same in my arms too! I feel like my health is improving, and I'm putting on weight! Below is a picture of my new ink. Thank you for your continued prayers and good thoughts! I will do my best to update more frequently!