Monday, July 28, 2008

Wennie is able to eat real food!

She was able to eat solid food today, however, it is limited to only soft foods, and no liquids. We will be getting her some dutch apple pie as soon as it is possible. Tomorrow is another big day for Wennie, she will be trying to walk for the first time in 3 weeks. Hopefully she is physically strong enough to do it. Keep your fingers crossed!


yunm said...


thanson326 said...

Love the video. You must be so excited to be actually eating and tasting food after so many weeks. You look so much better Wennie. Keep it up.

Teresa (mama Hanson)

Jon A. said...

Thanks for Posting!!!!

Jon A.

Diana L. said...

yay!! I'm so happy that she finally gets to eat real food! :D

Miguel M. said...

I can't believe this is happening.This is unreal, I just found out you had this illness. I know we haven't talked in like forever, but we're still friends and I care for your health, and I truly wish you the best of luck with your recovery.

samantha a.h @ wen said...

GREAT NEWS!!! Good Job Wennie!


Jia You for tomorrow! You can do it!

Denny Huynh & Samantha A.H (The Mail Ordered Bride)

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