Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday July 23rd

Good news as Huy and I got in this morning. Wennie has regained a large amount of her strength. She was able to prop both of her legs up and she was missing the leg cuffs that kept her blood circulating in her legs. They helped prevent blood clots and with her moving around, I guess they had no need for it. She also doesn't need the leg brace that prevents her ankle from hyper extending. We also got a report of the results from the panel of doctors. Although the brain tumor isn't ruled out yet, we've got two more possibilities for what is affecting Wennie. Her doctors are now considering multiple sclerosis or myelitis. We're still in the process of investigating these two different possibilities.

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Tai Boonsripisal said...

I am so glad that Wennie regained energy and that they removed her leg brace! I am praying that they will rule out the Glioma. I plan on coming to visit Friday with Ramil. Keep strong. Please let me know if I can bring anything any of you need.

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