Thursday, July 31, 2008

First walk!

Wennie has been recovering drastically. She had another MRI yesterday and we were told that the doctors are still puzzled as to her diagnosis, they are not leaning towards one or the other. She passed another swallow test today and was able to eat (she had a slice of apple pie!). Wennie is still not able to drink water but hopefully by next week. A few days ago, doctors said that she can begin rehab in two weeks. She was insistent that she can begin earlier so she asked us to put her on a wheel chair and wheel her around as well as practice walking. Yesterday, she even tried to play basketball in her wheelchair! This afternoon, we were told that she will begin rehab on Monday! Here is a clip of her walking this morning with mom and her physical therapist. Enjoy!


thanson326 said...

Words can not express how I felt when I watched the videos. It is go great to see how much you have progressed since I left, which was only a week ago. Keep it up Wennie and you will be home and eating all those foods you are graving so badly very soon. Tim says I have to make the brownies for you when I get back. I told him, he needed to make them. HaHa.

See you soon.

Teresa (mama Hanson)

mizan said...

goo luck. huhu

Anonymous said...

I read your blog today and watched the video. As someone who went thru something similar I know how scary it can be to be ill and for the doctors not to know what is wrong. For 4 months I was in and out of the hospital and had so many tests and different medicines when they finally found out I had a rare condition that only 600 people a year are diagnosed with. The happy news is after all that I am fine. I know that you will be too. You are in my prayers.

lukeonsax said...

It makes me fell great that she is doing good.

msgammy said...

Wennie - I just happened onto your blog (new to it!) I can tell from the videos that you have been blessed with a caring family and "unseen" friends. Please know that God is still in the healing business and if you keep your faith in Him and His powers - the doctors will BE AMAZED by YOUR HEALING! Good luck, stay prayerful!

Anonymous said...

1 litre of tears

Em said...

I happened to pop by this blog and even though I am a stranger, I feel a lot for what Wennie has gone through. I had to just leave a comment to encourage Wennie - because I myself almost lost my life just last September due to a sudden case of pneumonia and the complications it had caused. Doctors thought I would not have made it.

After pulling through the critical period, I had to learn how to breathe without the apparatus, and how to walk again. I had to abstain from water even though my lips were cracked. Such simple things - that I wished I could do as what I wished.

I eventually got better, and I'm almost back to my normal self now. Except that my life perspectives have changed. Health, loved ones and happiness are what matter the most to me now.

Wennie, you will get well too, and relive your life - in a way you never did.

I wish you and your loved ones strength. You are very much loved by your friends and family. Do be strong and fight on, tough lady. :)