Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mixed Results (Tuesday July 22nd)

Wennie is doing very well today. The MRI results came in this morning. We expected it to be a definitive explanation for some questions we've had, however doctors told us that it was all the same. They're still not 100% certain enough to make an official diagnosis. We're still hovering on whether or not it is a brain stem glioma or a encephalitis infection. If it was the former, doctors said that she would not have gotten better at the rate that Wennie has been and the location isn't normal. If the latter, the steroids would have had a bigger impact on her status and once again the location isn't typical of an infection. We have to wait a few more days to get more details on the MRI. A panel of doctors are scheduled to discuss this case tomorrow at 12:00 pm. She was really energetic in the morning and as the day went by her energy seemed to drain like normal.

Unfortunately at about 6:00 pm today, they had to turn up some more functions of the ventilator. And Wennie is still complaining of how hot she is.

Again please email some of the bands in this post so we could possibly do a benefit concert for Wennie. Again thanks for the support of all the visitors we've had so far, people here providing family with food, and the hopes and prayers of everybody.

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jonathan said...

im very glad to see that Wennie is doing better today. From what i know she's a tough little cookie and Huy should definitely know from all the bruisings that he's recieved growing up in the same household. From reading the daily updates it seems to me that Wennie is progressively getting better aside from the few minor setbacks. I'm very glad to hear the news and i know that Wennie and i don't know each other very well, but i've been in her life since she was in grade school and have seen her grow. In that sense i feel as if i'm an older sibling and have treated her as one in my strange ways. Trust me, i treat my own sister the same way by ignoring and making fun of her. Thats just the way i treat youngsters - by being a jerk. I'll be constantly checking back and looking for updates so make sure you keep up the good work Huy. I hope you feel better Wennie, and say hello to the family for me.