Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eye Care

At about 2:35 pm today, Wennie had her eyes checked by two optometrists. The older of the two gentlemen seemed to be teaching the younger one. There was concern that residual pressure would be evident from the pressure within her brain stem. However, everything checks out. They said that Wennie's vision is perfect. She has full movement and, aside from her eye twitch and strength, she is at 100% capacity.

In other news, the family has decided to host a benefit car wash . For those interested in coming, we have set up a way to purchase vouchers for car washes. This blog has been set up with a button on the right side, just above the donate button, for anybody to purchase a voucher. "Walk-ins" are welcomed also! We are still in need of volunteers so if you'd like to help us, please contact Huy. Thanks guys!

On a side note, Wennie has been flustered by all the visitors she's had recently. So as of now she has asked for a little bit of alone time and will only see family. A heartfelt thank you for all who have came to visit her so far.

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thanson326 said...


glad to hear things are still going well and your making great progress. If I was there I would volunteer for the car wash. Not sure how well I wash cars, but it sounds like fun. See you in a couple of weeks.

Teresa (mama hanson)