Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It has been really hard to see the metamorphosis she's undergone through this ordeal. It pains me to see her go from her jubilant, cheery personality to her current state now. Today we made some leeway but still had some setbacks. After being admitted to Children's on Monday, Wennie was being sustained on a full ventilator. Today she actually got the tube out, and although she had to have an oxygen mask over her nose, I was overjoyed in the fact that she was okay enough to get that tube out. However, at about 6:00 pm tonight they had to get her back on the ventilator. A lot of saliva was making its way down into her lungs and they were afraid she could possibly stop breathing again.

On another note, Wennie still has her sense of humor. Some hospital clowns came in and when asked who her boyfriend was she pointed to me instead of Tim (: She can communicate to us a lot better than before. Wennie, was able to ask a doctor some questions personally as she was allowed to remove the oxygen mask for a bit. We're always encouraging her and trying to keep her spirits up so she can fight this thing.

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