Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coughing (Thursday July 24th)

Today Tim and I got to Children's at about 2:00 pm. We got into her room and Wennie was wheezing and huffing profusely. There has been a lot of mucus lately and she felt like there was a really large piece caught near the end of the ventilator tube. They had to use the suction device a total of five times while Tim and I were there. The nurse asked us to leave as they continued to try and clear her airway. She is still doing good, however Wennie is really tired today so we tried to let her just have some time to rest and recuperate. Coughing is hard work for her, with the breathing tube down her throat.

We now have a donate button added to the sidebar for those who would like to contribute that way. It is located right underneath the 'about me' section. Again we'd like to take time out and say thank you to everybody for their support throughout this. It is really amazing to see the network of friends, family, and loved ones reaching out and helping in anyway they can.

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