Thursday, July 17, 2008

About Her

Hey all. Just wanted to post some links to Wennie's things.

Her deviantART account shows her artwork, mostly photography. Wennie's facebook and group we've created. Please add her and leave a comment if you can. Her current blog and myspace. Please show her some love and leave messages of hope and prayer to her.

We're looking to contact a list of her favorite bands and if possible have them come visit her. It'd be a great help if you guys were able to help us by contacting the PR for these bands. I believe having a great number of people emailing and contacting the bands will yield some results. Thanks.

Daphne Loves Derby - Manager

Tegan and Sara (MySpace) :
Brendan Bourke (Booking for World Wide)
Rick Gershon (Publicity)
Bruce Solar (US Agent for Bookings)

Boys Like Girls (MySpace) :
Cat DeFelice (Publicity)
Matt Galle (Booking)

City and Color (Myspace) :
Joel Carriere (Management & Label)
Tricia Ricciuto (Management Assistant)

Built to Spill :
Rick Gershon (Publicity)

Deer and the Headlight :

The Spill Canvas (Myspace) :
Keren Poznansky (National Contact)
Individual Members :

The Next Door Neighbors

This Providence (Myspace) :
Christina (Publicity)

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vivian said...

hey, i don't know wennie but i know aeryn coss who knows her and i run a music and art publication called redefine ( -- we interviewed tegan and sara, this providence, and daphne loves derby through the years... i'll see what i can do to help out and get something going on. :)