Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Sunday Update

Hi everyone, I haven't updated this blog much lately on account of there isn't any news for me to share with you all in regards to my health, plus I update my personal blog. Other than the good news of my life has returned to normal, and whatever in my brain has been shrinking, there isn't much for me to add. I have a math final tommorow, and this quarter is pretty much over and done with. Also been working around 4 days a week. Been saving up money for my big trip.

I thought you might all want to see the MRI's I had done, these are just two.

My first one ever taken, and the circled red area is actually the inflammation (what I shall refer to it as) its' really big that's why the doctors were so insistant that it was a tumor. This was taken in June of 2008.

This second picture is a different angle, and the circled area is the spot/what's left of the inflammation. It's pretty much smaller than a pea, which is great news. This picture was taken October 2008. A very big change in 5-6 months.

I just wanted to say thank yuo all again for everything, and for keeping me in your prayers. Also I cut off about 3-4 inches of my hair yesterday, so here's what I look like as of right now! Maybe I should upload a video of me doing a strenous exercise or something to show you guys my progress!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

MRI Results

First of all, I feel exteremy lucky and blessed to able to share good, no great news with you all. It's almost as if I've been given another chance to make the most out of my life. God has blessed me with great people, and a challenge, that I am overcoming.

Today I went to Childrens to get the results of my MRI from last week. The neurologist told me that they still don't have a clear idea of what it is, or what made it occur. The tests they sent out over the summer with my blood, etc all came back negative/normal. So that's a pretty good sign. Then she showed me pictures of my brain. She showed me the original MRI picture from back in August which showed a very large white spot in my medula, and then she showed me the picture from last week's MRI, and the white spot seems to almost be gone now. Which means that my brain is getting back to normal (the color), and it's only got a very little spot of gray/white left. So everything is getting better, and they want to keep me on surveilance for awhile. My next MRI is going to be in January before my trip, and then after that I only need to get an MRI every 6 months, so things are going good!

Also on another note I recently came into news in regards to some people that I do not know. And it's really sad because sometimes its so hard to believe that some people are so unhappy to the point where they need to end their own lives. I know people suffer, and people hurt but I just wish people didn't hurt to that point, that extent. Life is so precious and we're all only given one. Maybe someone had a bad day, maybe someone had a lot of bad days, maybe it was just a fluke. I don't know, what I do know is that we all have the power to make other people feel better about their situations, whether it be by offering a smile, giving wave, being courteous, or even holding a door. We all have the power to do something and to brighten someones day, so we should. Why let people suffer quietly? Why let people harbor pain? Why let people think that no one cares when we do?

This whole sitaution has changed my outlook on life, and the values of family and friends. There's never a moment now where I don't want to do something for other people, and it's not because oh 'I should', it's because I want to. And I hope you all want to bring happiness to others, even if you don't know them. Sometimes all they need is one person to show them that things can be okay, and that strangers care. You've all shown me you care and for that I am eternaly thankful, without it I don't know where I would be.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


For the past two or so weeks I've been having headaches, they're not bad headaches, nor do they hurt. They're just annoying, and on the same side of my head every time. So my follow up MRI and Neurology appointment isn't until November 17 and 18, however I saw my doctor on Tuesday and she made a call and I had an MRI this morning at 7:15...Which was very early, especially for me. I had to leave at 6 am! But the MRI went well, and I'm just waiting to hear from Neurology in regards to how the scan/my brain looks. I hope that things continue to improve for me, and apart of me knows things will, things always get better. But if they don't, then that's okay too, becasue everything happens for a reason. I'm not scared or worried in regards to any of this business going on, I'm just trying to make the most out of everything in my life at this point.

School's not bad, but doing a full load online sure is not that fun! I started working again too, 4 days a week, it's not bad either. I need something to keep me busy. My friends have been great, hanging out, treating me like I'm normal again. Which I'd like to think I am, other than the fact that I have to take heart medication.

I feel like things are normal for me again, and I feel my old life habits resurfacing. Althoguh some are difficult to ignore, others aren't. I still am striving towrads a better life, etc. And today I realzied what one of my possible careers is/will be. I have a few, but this one I really want to see out. I'll update once I get the results of my MRI.

Thank you for checking this blog, and for praying for me. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate everything you have all done for me. The world needs more people like this. Also dont' forget to vote!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey all,

Some news for you, (finally an update) I had a cardiology appointment a week or two ago, and they said that basically I'm giong to have to stasy on my heart medication. I had a few episodes when I was in the hospital where my heart would beat up to 200 bpm. So anyway my heart still does a fast beat sometimes out of nowhere but not anywhere near as bad, almost like i went for a run and its beating, trying to slow down.

I had a followup appointment wtih the whole rehab team today, and basically i'm doing really good. my strength's come back, etc. They even told me that they hadn't ever seen such a big turnaround ever. So my appointment went well, and i'm basically cleared for driving/traveling. Even though I started driving again a few weeks ago aha!

I have a followup with Neurology in November and another MRI in November, and hopefully it shows another improvement! On another note, tommorow is my last day of Physical Therapy! :)

Thank you all for the continued prayers.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

update, update, update

Sorry for the delay, it's hard to come up with things to say especially when your days consist of physical therapy, exercises, and hanging out. I thought it would be boring and repetitive to tell you all the same thing, over and over again. Anyways I've got a slew of doctors appointments coming up in the next few weeks, (probably something I mentioned before). Things are going well for me, I'm still trying to do my best. I find myself growing snappier at my family over little things, and I'm trying to stop that because it's uneccesary. And besides a happy wennie is a better wennie! :)

On to some intresting news! I finally got my new tattoo yesterday, I was stuck between two choices. The first was the word 'rescued' because I feel like everything that happened to me in a way saved my life. I mean it sounds stupid, but apart of me really feels as if this was supposed to happen. Almost like the life I was living before just wasn't good enough, and this thing that happeend to me, forced me to accept things that I didn't want to or could accept before, forced me to push harder, forced me to just be better, to live better. That's why I feel like this thing that happened inside of my brain rescued me, it rescued me from my own life. I don't care if people think it's stupid, or dumb because it's got meaning to me and that's all that matters. It's a reminder of what happened, and what I need and should strive towards. It's also on my right arm because 1) I've already got a tattoo on my left side and 2) its right under where they give me my IV's for my MRI's (just another reminder that I've still gotta keep pushing and giong).

I'll try to come up with more intresting things to tell you guys, therapy is going well and the strength is returning and almost equal at least in my legs. I think it's almost the same in my arms too! I feel like my health is improving, and I'm putting on weight! Below is a picture of my new ink. Thank you for your continued prayers and good thoughts! I will do my best to update more frequently!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

another update

Hi everyone,

I've been home for almost two weeks now and things are going very well. The tingling and numbness I felt before I entered the hospital have gone, and I feel my body becoming normal again (back to what it used to). I still do physical therapy and I'm diong it three times a week, and after next week it'll be reduced down to two times a week. I'm able to sprint now and squat down, which dosen't seem like much but for me it's a big improvement. I remember the first time I tried to squat down I fell, also the pain in my legs is gone when I walk so it's easier for me now to be walking a lot. I have another followup in two months for my MRI, and a cardiology appointment in the next few weeks to see if I need to stay on my heart medicine, and a follow up with the rehab doctors (all my therapists too!) at the end of september to make sure i'm on track.

I plan on doing a full course load at school this quarter, joining a gym, working on my business, and getting a job as a mentor at a non-profit clinic. Things are looking up and I'm pretty happy. Below is a picture I put together from my time in the hospital to show yuo all the differences.

Thank you all again for everything yuo've done for me, and for praying for me and keeping me in yuor thoughts.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finally Home

I'm home! I've been home since yesterday and it's so nice to be back again. Things have been going pretty well here, I start physical therapy at Olympic on Tuesday for 3 days a week, my previous PT therapist only thinks I need it for a month so hopefuly its only that long! No traveling at least until January but that's okay, I decided not to drop out of school and continue to do a full load this fall all online though!

The doctors still are unsure of my diagnosis. I had an MRI yesterday and it showed another slight improvement. My next one is scheduled for two months from now, which is when my follow up appointment is. Hopefully things continue to progress at this rate. :)

Thank you all again for everything you've done for me!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Third Update from Wennie

Hello all

I have some good news on Saturday morning I was informed that I had an order to go home for the weekend. After my 2 morning sessions I was allowed to leave and I went and saw the Sisterhood movie with my mom, sister, and cousin. We also went out to dinner, it was nice to get out of the hospital and to be home. I hadn't been home in almost 5 weeks and my bed still feels good. I think I lost a lot of fat on my butt though because sitting on hard surfaces is not comfy at all, I feel like I'm sitting on my bone! The hospital also gave me a cane to help my walk, I'm going to decorate it soon so its not so boring. This morning I woke up around 6 with really bad pain in my right ribs and had to be rushed back to the hospital where the pain seemed to stop. (My brother thinks its because my body is used to the hospital)

Therapy is going well, my PT therapist is uping one of my sessions to an hour each day. On Friday I went on a fifteen minute walk outside, and it was so hard. Having to relearn how to live again is hard, but so worth it. Because now everything I do means more, I appreciate it all more. Whatever ends up happening to me I know will be okay, because its in God's plan. There's already a path set out for me and all I can do is follow it, I'm at peace with everything in my life right now. This whole thing has taught me so much about inner strength, acceptance, myself, and the kindness of others. All I can do is work hard and be happy about being alive.

The doctors are still unsure of my diagnosis, and have said they might never know and it's okay. I mean all that matters is I'm improving. I was told I may never drive again because sometimes I have double vision, and shaky vision and it's okay because gas is expensive! The bright side is I can take the bus and save money! Below is a video from Thursday's afternoon PT session. And my best news yet, I was told I would be discharged on FRIDAY (the 15th!). I'll still have follow up appointments and out patient therapy for a few months around my area but that's it. At least until we figure out what it is I have, if we ever do, and if we need to figure out a treatment plan. But I get to go home in 5 days!

Thank you all for your prayers!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Update from Wennie

Hi everyone

I officially started rehab today, the paper work is finally in and everything! Physial theraby is twice a day as is occupational therapy. PT made me sweat so bad today, but I know that this is what's giong to help me get better and help me go home. I don't think I ever worked this hard even when I was healthy. There's a meeting tommorow with the whole rehab team and i'm giong to tell them my goals etc. I plan on going home in about a week or two so expect to see me soon! I also found out today that I'm allowed to leave rehab for a few hours a day if I so choose!

Things are getting better everyday and its because of all of you. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and your thoughts. Everything that happens, and will happen, happens for a reason. Oh and my rehab is usually done by 3 if you wanna stop by and say hey. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Personal Update from Wennie

Hello Everyone!

I was moved to rehab this morning around 8 am, and am excited. Two weeks ago I was in the ICU, just last week I was allowed to eat nectar thick liquids and solids. Today I passed my last swallow test and now I'm allowed to have thin liquids and ice creams. I feel like I'm making a lot of progress, each day I have a little bit of improvements and it's a good thing. :) My walking is getting better everyday too!

The doctors are still unsure of what exactly is wrong with me, so they can't rule anything out. The only way they can is if they do a biopsy (which the doctors don't want to do because it can leave me paralyzed). So according to the doctors I'm a medical mystery. The last MRI I had showed a slight improvement to the second one, which is good. I have another MRI in a about a week, and a VEP test today.

I want to personally thank everyone for helping out at the car washes, praying for me, keeping me in your thoughts, and just all of the positive energy. It's because of you guys that I'm making such great progress. Thank you guys for everything. I'm not just fighting for myself or my family and friends I'm fighting for everyone. Below is a picture I took with my sister. :) there will be a video of me walking on my own outside using a railing (I walked down a ramp, and then back up!) soon.

P.S. when I know my rehab schedule we can figure out visiting hours! I'm hoping to be home in a week or two though! At 4:15pm I got my NGT tube taken out, and am offically off any kind of tube.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Left foot

Today was a great day, Wennie had physical therapy in the morning and she has started to put more weight on her left foot. Her left foot is also her weak foot so we are trying to be as careful as possible as she begins to walk. Wennie's voice and appetite has increased as well and she has started eating desserts. She still has the feeding tube because water is still too thin to drink but on Monday if she passes this last swallow test she will be able to drink clear liquids again. The doctors are quite impressed with her progress, so impressed that they will move her to rehab next week where she can practice more walking. Below are two videos from this morning's physical therapy session. In addition to her progress, she has also started to check her emails and blog and has seen all the kind words of support sent by many of you. I know this has contributed to her miraculous recovery and we are all truly touched by the kindness of friends and strangers. As we continue to take it one day at a time, we thank you for your love and support!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Close to Home

Belly of the Beast

First walk!

Wennie has been recovering drastically. She had another MRI yesterday and we were told that the doctors are still puzzled as to her diagnosis, they are not leaning towards one or the other. She passed another swallow test today and was able to eat (she had a slice of apple pie!). Wennie is still not able to drink water but hopefully by next week. A few days ago, doctors said that she can begin rehab in two weeks. She was insistent that she can begin earlier so she asked us to put her on a wheel chair and wheel her around as well as practice walking. Yesterday, she even tried to play basketball in her wheelchair! This afternoon, we were told that she will begin rehab on Monday! Here is a clip of her walking this morning with mom and her physical therapist. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Positive Attitude

Wennie has gotten a lot better since her first admittance into the Valley Medical Center. Today, she was excited for everything that was going on. Proud of regained ability to eat real food, she quickly scarfed down meatloaf, mashed potatoes, pureed corn and ice cream. I think she started with the ice cream. =)

The physical therapist came in and tested the strength of her limbs and commented on her fast recovery. However, the left side is still lacking enough strength for physical therapy. She can adjust the bed by herself and overall movement was much better. She seems eager to go home but understands that patience is needed. So she makes the most of her time.

Using a force expiration exercising device, she gave her lungs a thorough work out. It seems to be helping as her breathing continues to improve.

A thanks to all of you for your prayers and kind words. Wennie's improvement is a direct result of all the support everyone has given her.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wennie is able to eat real food!

She was able to eat solid food today, however, it is limited to only soft foods, and no liquids. We will be getting her some dutch apple pie as soon as it is possible. Tomorrow is another big day for Wennie, she will be trying to walk for the first time in 3 weeks. Hopefully she is physically strong enough to do it. Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ventilator is Out!

Hey everybody. Sorry for the delay in posts, I had a family event I had to attend on Saturday and thought someone else would have updated the blog. We actually had really good news for you all yesterday. Wennie was able to get the breathing tube out and has been off the ventilator since mid-Saturday. She still can't eat as of yet because her doctors want to see how well her ability to swallow currently is. Occupational will be in tomorrow to check on her conditions by issuing a test to see which types of foods, ranging in different viscosity, she will be able to fully swallow without having leaks into her airway. If Wennie does well, she'll be able to eat finally!

She still only asks for immediate family to visit her for the time being, so if you're a friend and would like to visit her please check with the blog to see when her mood changes. Thank you all for your patience.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eye Care

At about 2:35 pm today, Wennie had her eyes checked by two optometrists. The older of the two gentlemen seemed to be teaching the younger one. There was concern that residual pressure would be evident from the pressure within her brain stem. However, everything checks out. They said that Wennie's vision is perfect. She has full movement and, aside from her eye twitch and strength, she is at 100% capacity.

In other news, the family has decided to host a benefit car wash . For those interested in coming, we have set up a way to purchase vouchers for car washes. This blog has been set up with a button on the right side, just above the donate button, for anybody to purchase a voucher. "Walk-ins" are welcomed also! We are still in need of volunteers so if you'd like to help us, please contact Huy. Thanks guys!

On a side note, Wennie has been flustered by all the visitors she's had recently. So as of now she has asked for a little bit of alone time and will only see family. A heartfelt thank you for all who have came to visit her so far.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Car Wash Benefit

Hey all, we have decided to host a car wash at the Hong resident, another location in Shoreline and Bellevue as well. The event should be hosted on August 2nd. We'll have a vouchers available for purchase if you want to buy your spot in advance. A buy now button is posted above the donate button. It will be $10.00 per car. If you have questions or comments please email Huy. We also still need volunteers, so if you're available on that day please take a little time out of your day to help. Thanks everybody.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coughing (Thursday July 24th)

Today Tim and I got to Children's at about 2:00 pm. We got into her room and Wennie was wheezing and huffing profusely. There has been a lot of mucus lately and she felt like there was a really large piece caught near the end of the ventilator tube. They had to use the suction device a total of five times while Tim and I were there. The nurse asked us to leave as they continued to try and clear her airway. She is still doing good, however Wennie is really tired today so we tried to let her just have some time to rest and recuperate. Coughing is hard work for her, with the breathing tube down her throat.

We now have a donate button added to the sidebar for those who would like to contribute that way. It is located right underneath the 'about me' section. Again we'd like to take time out and say thank you to everybody for their support throughout this. It is really amazing to see the network of friends, family, and loved ones reaching out and helping in anyway they can.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday July 23rd

Good news as Huy and I got in this morning. Wennie has regained a large amount of her strength. She was able to prop both of her legs up and she was missing the leg cuffs that kept her blood circulating in her legs. They helped prevent blood clots and with her moving around, I guess they had no need for it. She also doesn't need the leg brace that prevents her ankle from hyper extending. We also got a report of the results from the panel of doctors. Although the brain tumor isn't ruled out yet, we've got two more possibilities for what is affecting Wennie. Her doctors are now considering multiple sclerosis or myelitis. We're still in the process of investigating these two different possibilities.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mixed Results (Tuesday July 22nd)

Wennie is doing very well today. The MRI results came in this morning. We expected it to be a definitive explanation for some questions we've had, however doctors told us that it was all the same. They're still not 100% certain enough to make an official diagnosis. We're still hovering on whether or not it is a brain stem glioma or a encephalitis infection. If it was the former, doctors said that she would not have gotten better at the rate that Wennie has been and the location isn't normal. If the latter, the steroids would have had a bigger impact on her status and once again the location isn't typical of an infection. We have to wait a few more days to get more details on the MRI. A panel of doctors are scheduled to discuss this case tomorrow at 12:00 pm. She was really energetic in the morning and as the day went by her energy seemed to drain like normal.

Unfortunately at about 6:00 pm today, they had to turn up some more functions of the ventilator. And Wennie is still complaining of how hot she is.

Again please email some of the bands in this post so we could possibly do a benefit concert for Wennie. Again thanks for the support of all the visitors we've had so far, people here providing family with food, and the hopes and prayers of everybody.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Doing Better (Monday July 21st)

I got into the hospital with Tim today at about noon and good news was here to greet us. Wennie is doing a lot better and the breathing machine is set to help her a lot less! Hopefully they can get the machine out soon. I really want to see her able to eat by herself. I think her airway is starting to clear up because they extend the time in between using the cough assisting machine. We've also gotten news that she is scheduled for an MRI at 3:30 pm today! I'm really excited to see how this day turns out. Thank you all for your hope.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday July 20th

Around midnight this morning, Wennie had a little scare. Her heart rate was jumping at around 200 and would not go back down until her doctors administered some medicine. This morning it happened again. At about 10:00 am she had two episodes. One lasted for 8 minutes, the other for three. I'm not too clear on the details because I wasn't here for it, but I saw her this morning at around 11:00 am and she seems a lot tired than when I saw her on Friday. Also Wennie is now hooked up to a machine that helps her expelled the phlegm that is building up in her lungs and throat every four hours. Which is unfortunate because she gets woken up at 4 in the morning as well as midnight. The machine isn't hooked up all the time though. She had a lot of energy midday today.

If you haven't already, please help us by emailing some of the bands posted here to try and get a benefit concert going for Wennie. Thanks!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Faith (Friday July 18th)

They were able to get a feeding tube into Wennie last night and today I saw some food dripping down it. We're pretty relived to see her get something in her stomach. Though my wish would be for her to be able to eat real, tangible food that she can taste, this is better than nothing. This morning, she told me that some blood was in mucus when they cleared her breathing tube. Everything is now fine though. They routinely clear out secretions from her lungs and when I was in there they only had to go in with the tube twice; a lot less than this morning. Nikki, her sister, Nikki her friend, and I read her inspirational stories from Chicken Soup for the Cancer Survivor's Soul this morning and that seemed to help strengthen her resolve. It really helps her to have people around, even if they aren't conversing with her every single second. Wennie just likes to have family and friends nearby. She seems a little more tired today, but not as bad as a couple of days before. Please, please email some of the bands in the post below. As always thanks for your support, love, and prayers.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

About Her

Hey all. Just wanted to post some links to Wennie's things.

Her deviantART account shows her artwork, mostly photography. Wennie's facebook and group we've created. Please add her and leave a comment if you can. Her current blog and myspace. Please show her some love and leave messages of hope and prayer to her.

We're looking to contact a list of her favorite bands and if possible have them come visit her. It'd be a great help if you guys were able to help us by contacting the PR for these bands. I believe having a great number of people emailing and contacting the bands will yield some results. Thanks.

Daphne Loves Derby - Manager

Tegan and Sara (MySpace) :
Brendan Bourke (Booking for World Wide)
Rick Gershon (Publicity)
Bruce Solar (US Agent for Bookings)

Boys Like Girls (MySpace) :
Cat DeFelice (Publicity)
Matt Galle (Booking)

City and Color (Myspace) :
Joel Carriere (Management & Label)
Tricia Ricciuto (Management Assistant)

Built to Spill :
Rick Gershon (Publicity)

Deer and the Headlight :

The Spill Canvas (Myspace) :
Keren Poznansky (National Contact)
Individual Members :

The Next Door Neighbors

This Providence (Myspace) :
Christina (Publicity)

Thursday July 17th

Even with the ventilator tube in Wennie is even more lively than ever today. I visited her around late noon and she was moving around and requesting songs for us to sing. Wennie was moving her hands to the songs. She was also fighting with Nikki, so her energy level is a lot better. She's is absolutely glowing and looks way better than yesterday.

One thing I'm worried about is her complaining about getting food. Although I know that the doctors and nurses have her health in their best interests I still think that she should get something in her stomach. Last time she really ate was Saturday. She had a couple of bites of apple sauce the next day on the 13th.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It has been really hard to see the metamorphosis she's undergone through this ordeal. It pains me to see her go from her jubilant, cheery personality to her current state now. Today we made some leeway but still had some setbacks. After being admitted to Children's on Monday, Wennie was being sustained on a full ventilator. Today she actually got the tube out, and although she had to have an oxygen mask over her nose, I was overjoyed in the fact that she was okay enough to get that tube out. However, at about 6:00 pm tonight they had to get her back on the ventilator. A lot of saliva was making its way down into her lungs and they were afraid she could possibly stop breathing again.

On another note, Wennie still has her sense of humor. Some hospital clowns came in and when asked who her boyfriend was she pointed to me instead of Tim (: She can communicate to us a lot better than before. Wennie, was able to ask a doctor some questions personally as she was allowed to remove the oxygen mask for a bit. We're always encouraging her and trying to keep her spirits up so she can fight this thing.

Current Situation

This blog is produced and dedicated to Wennie Hong, who, through a series of events and changes, is currently enrolled in Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle. Throughout her life, she has been dedicated to the well being of others, with an emphasis on those less fortunate and now it is our turn to show that we care through support, however minute it may be.

For about 4 months now, she has been through a lot of physical ailments, including having her appendix removed, having her wisdom teeth pulled out, and food poisoning. Recently she was complaining of dizziness and nausea. Originally misdiagnosed as Vertigo, Wennie went through several accounts of visits to different doctors finally being admitted in Valley Medical Center in Renton, WA. It was Friday July 11th that I got news that it was quite possible a tumor was evident in her case. Since then her condition changed drastically, everyday she became more immobile. We eventually got her admittance into Children's Hospital where she is located currently Monday, July 14th, after she had stopped breathing on her own. Though not officially diagnosed, her doctors are 95% sure that Wennie has brainstem glioma. We're very fortunate to have a helpful panel of doctors on her case and are very happy to have had her transfer to Children's, however we still need your support and good wishes towards Wennie.